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You Gotta Move elettrica, quindi.
Grazie Vasco.

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sapete chi si stanno portando al sax?

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Grandi. La scaletta si commenta da sola. Mi pare che non ci sia stato nessuno streaming comunque

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da iorr



"You make a grown man cry"

Like the one out front, who offered four grand cash, so he could take his ten year old son to see the Stones. I saw the green. But today it's all about experiences, not possessions, and there's no amount of money that will prevent you from having a peak that may never come again, like the Stones in a small venue.

It was Jan & Dean who sang "They're coming from all over the world!" but Jan is gone yet his fellow stars from the "T.A.M.I Show" are still doing it so it was amazing who came from far and wide for this event. I haven't done this much business in one night since MusiCares. But this time there was no riff-raff. Ha!

And the band started on time and they were not over-loud and by beginning with the obvious opener...THEY BLEW MY MIND!

And that's what it was, a band. A relic from the sixties and seventies. When there were no hard drives and ELO was put out of business for performing with tapes. There was no fakery, no smoke and mirrors, just a few lights and a bunch of fellows with instruments and amps.

This is the way it used to be. When the British invaded and changed our world forever.


My second favorite track from "Some Girls," the first LP that fully integrated Ronnie Wood, who, like Charlie, was really good tonight.

Up close and personal he's a mere wisp of a person, but on stage Ronnie is a giant, a full-fledged Stone, he's never been better. You could see all the way back to those Rod Stewart records, where he switched from bass to lead.

I think it was on this song that Mick first played guitar.


This was the first stratospheric moment, when Keith opened with the signature riff.

Despite the recent accolades, "Exile On Main Street" was an overlooked album. Number one while the band was on tour soon after its release in '72, it fell off the chart almost instantly thereafter.

But if you put in the time, "Exile" reveals its magic.

And I always thought "All Down The Line" was a throwaway romp, especially compared to "Let It Loose," "Ventilator Blues" and "Casino Boogie." But tonight I got it, because of Keith and that guitar.

We know those legendary sounds, they came out of the car speaker, through the KLHs and JBLs, into our headphones. And it used to be that you went to see the Stones and the sound was not exactly the same. But tonight it was, as if Keith channeled '72.

Made me grin from ear to ear.


So that's the gimmick of this tour, the playing of the '71 classic, "Sticky Fingers," from start to finish.

But they still might not. Because there are so many slow cuts. Will the people tolerate them? After all, the Who performed "Tommy" and always left a couple of numbers out.

This was not the first time the band did "Sway" live. It was good to hear, but not transcendent.


They locked into the groove.

That was what was surprising about this entire gig. How good the boys were. They're famous for being ragged, not quite as bad as the Grateful Dead, but there are always moments when it's not quite jelling. But not tonight!

I like "Dead Flowers" on record, I LOVED IT TONIGHT!


The same, yet different from the record.

You see Mick was selling it more.

It's hard to play live gigs. No matter how famous you are, you only get the benefit of the doubt for the first thirty seconds. After that, you've got to prove yourself night after night.

Ever since he did that solo turn on the Grammys a couple of years back, Mick has upped his game, he's as good as ever, if not better. He's comfortable with himself, his patter is cutting and insightful.

For example, you can't perform "Sticky Fingers" from start to finish, because then you'd have to begin with "Brown Sugar" and you'd end up squandering your momentum. So Mick said they were going to play it in the order from the 8-TRACK! You remember 8-tracks, don't you? Unwieldy cartridges where the songs were rearranged to fit the four sections of tape? Needless to say, Mick was lying/making a joke, but even better was his tossed off aside that next time they're going to do "Satanic Majesties" from start to finish!

But my point is it's Mick who's keeping it under control, everybody else is just playing, he's moving, prancing, not as much as in the seventies and eighties, but in more of a refined fashion these days, and this toned-down version works.

And during the breaks between numbers, the audience talked, but Mick soldiered on.

It's all about being a professional.


And here's where it starts to get really good. When you start to hear songs you'd never think you'd ever hear live.

They were albums, and you played them from start to finish. And in the middle of "Sticky Fingers"'s second side was this magical track with that acoustic guitar and then wailing electric and the despair of a late night druggie. I always loved it then, and it was sensational hearing it tonight.


The PIECE-DE-RESISTANCE! The highlight of the show, the moment I could not get out of my head.

So Mick says they're gonna sing a song they didn't write. Unlike so many of his brethren, he credits Mississippi Fred McDowell and then says Keith is gonna play the 12 string.

And from the wings a roadie comes out with an acoustic, Keith sits down and starts fiddling, smiling those pearly whites all the while. AND THEN HE STARTS TO PLAY!

Forget the record.

On "Sticky Fingers" "You Gotta Move" is a throwaway. Tonight, it was a thread from what was to what is and will always be. The essence of rock and roll, the blues!

Having not performed these album tracks on a regular basis, the Stones rehearsed the hell out of them. These deep cuts were better than the rest. And, "You Gotta Move" evidenced a groove not even touched on the record.

If you were a fan, if you know the Stones catalog, THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!


Listening to them play "Sticky Fingers" you realize how few hits it had. This was the album's second most famous cut, and how famous is this?

It was a different era. Where it was about the LP, listening to our favorites over and over again, the radio was secondary to our collection.

"Bitch" was good.

And is this the moment to say how Keith seems to have recovered from his fall, from his mental hejira? Not only was his guitar-playing on point, so were his background vocals!


Mick Taylor's tour-de-force.

Alas, Mick is not on this tour.

But what put this over the top was the instrumental section, featuring Karl Denson in the place of Bobby Keys. They changed it up just a bit, improvised just a bit, and that made all the difference.

For those who weren't born back then, "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" is seven plus minutes long, it was a journey to the center of your mind and back. And when you hear it today you're connected with back then and your whole life makes sense. It's not about money, but art.

The Stones are the last of a dying breed. Sure, they're making beaucoup bucks, but there are scores of wet behind the ears techie-punks who make much more. Instead of chasing what cannot be caught, the Stones are laying back into who they are, merging with their legacy, being first and foremost musicians, not stars. Tonight was all about the playing. You could tell they were having fun. And that's the reason we do it, right?


Almost as good as "You Gotta Move." A track that never resonated with me on wax, "I Got The Blues" was exquisite perfection tonight. The groove and Mick's delivery. This was when he had the audience in the palm of his hand. He even had the assembled multitude singing along with and without him at the end.

You go for the hits, but it's the hidden gems that get you, that keep you coming back.


Just a bit faster, not quite as ethereal as the album-closing track, tonight's "Moonlight Mile" worked on its own terms. It dragged not at all, yet still had you pondering those nights lying in the grass looking up at the stars as your mind was blown.


So let me paint the picture.

The Beatles had broken up. Despite the career peak double-whammy of "Beggars Banquet" and "Let It Bleed" there were no hit singles, the Stones were an album band, a big one, but their days on the hit parade were behind them.

That's right, "Sympathy For The Devil" was too dark for AM radio.

And as haunting as "Gimmie Shelter" was, you'd never hear Cousin Brucie introduce it.

And then this.

"Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields"

Not that we could make that out. The lyrics were buried in the mix, it was all a sound, one that dominated the airwaves for most of the seventies. The party did not begin, the weekend did not start, until someone dropped the needle on "Brown Sugar" and we threw our hands in the air and sang "Yeah, yeah, yeah, WOO!"

And we did tonight!


B.B. King's first hit.

And the first encore.

The Stones were devotees, historians, they had roots, which they extended deep into history. They were not just stars, but blues acolytes who filtered what once was to create something new that infected the entire hearing world.

"Rock Me Baby" is a song everybody knows, even if they think they don't. A great way to put a capper on the evening.


A 1968 summer smash with an indelible riff that burned itself into our collective brains.

And I'd like to tell you it was as good as the "Sticky Fingers" stuff, but it wasn't. Because they play "Jumpin' Jack Flash" every night, they didn't have to rehearse it, they didn't have to make sure they got it right.

But it was great to hear it!


The finale.

Mick says they're gonna do this one really fast. Reminding you that they're a band, not locked into hard drives or click tracks. It was just ragged enough to evidence humanity. It was done for them, they seemed not to care what we thought, which made us care that much more.

And then they were gone.

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You Gotta Move elettrica, quindi.

...ho letto ora che su YGM Keith ha suonato l'acustica 12 corde.

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quindi non è vicina alla versione del 75 ma più a quella originale del 71.. <sg

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Wield ha scritto:
You Gotta Move elettrica, quindi.
Grazie Vasco.

totore ha scritto:
sapete chi si stanno portando al sax?

scelta del cavolo.
Così come quando ci fu da sostituire bill...
Ma dico io, prendi un sassofonista jazz-fusion-funk? Solita manovra alla stones, senza nè capo nè coda...
Ho ascoltato i suoi soli durante qualche data australiana! Ti cambiano la canzone! E non in meglio!

vabbè, giusto per lamentarmi un po' :lol:

per il resto tutto a posto e grande scaletta <)

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Da queste cose mi rendo conto della fortuna che abbiamo avuto a Roma quando c'era ancora Bobby

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giovanni.cerri ha scritto:
Da queste cose mi rendo conto della fortuna che abbiamo avuto a Roma quando c'era ancora Bobby

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Verissimo. Non si è saputo più niente riguardo al DVD ufficiale del concerto? Speriamo in una pubblicazione!

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Deve essere stato veramente un grande concerto, vi posto un post di bv che se non sbaglio è colui che gestisce iorr e che era presente al concerto
You simply can't write about this show without getting emotional. Well at least that goes for me. "Sticky Fingers" was my first Stones album...

People ask me this: What is the best ever show you have seen with the Stones? I mean I have seen them many times, but still, my answer is always the same: You can't compare shows. Like I can't compare my children. They are all unique. Sure there has been some outstanding shows. My best memories are from Roseland, Brixton, Wichita, and a number of great shows in Hartford, MSG and Buenos Aires. But still... As of today, it is all clear. My best Rolling Stones show ever so far was at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles California May 20, 2015.

They started off with "Start Me Up", like a regular show. Except Keith came walking on stage, Pierre strapped his guitar, the rest of the band arrived, and we got "Start Me Up". I was in the front, with friends to my left, and with half a dozen great looking girls in their 20's on my right. As some of them left before show start, I was up there in the front from the start. I was never more than 5-10 meters i.e. 15-30 feet away from Ronnie, Keith and Mick tonight, during the show. Charlie was close too, as the rest of the band. I use glasses at shows these days, but not tonight. I could not get any closer.

They did "Whip" and "All Down The Line". Both great songs. We were some 700 people in the crowd including the 100 or so in the celebrity balcony, but I hardly turned my back to the crowd. My only worry was the fact that this should have been available to more fans but then it would not work the way it worked tonight.

Then it is time for STICKY FINGERS. The whole album. Live. This was my first Stones album. The reason why I am here, why I am following the Stones, why IORR does exist. I got "Sticky Fingers" it in August 1971, and from that day I was hooked, Sticky Fingers and The Rolling Stones defined a large part of my life as from that date. SWAY was so great. And it was so great they started with my favorite song of the album! Dead Flowsers was another favorite. I just loved it.

The emotions came on "Wild Horses". I don't know why, I have got "Wild Horses" so many times live, but the way they did it, the small room, and the memories from my days back in 1971, as a kid age 16 playing "Sticky Fingers" to the pieces, at my parents home, my first home, I got tears in my eyes, it was such a great version of "Wild Horses". The camera man was always on our faces, I just hope he did not catch me in those moments. But I loved every bit of it.

I am not going to do a song by song here, because I am too tired, and I don't remember all the details. But I do remember Keith's white teeth! When his band members were shining, Keith was all smiles, and that is the best part of the show, when you enjoy it so much, and you see Keith do the same.

Matt Clifford was there next to Chuck Leavelle on many songs. It gave them a wider sound and it worked well. Karl Denson made the most outstanding solo on "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", I was frozen watching and listening to his unique rendering of the Bobby Keys spot on this song. Mick did mention it almost had a jazz touch. Sure it dit, and it raised the show to another level.

Chuck Leavelle did a great solo on "I Got The Blues". At this point of the show, I was still in my teenager room with my record player, listening to Sticky Fingers, and it just happened that the band who made this album was right in front of me, on stage, performing the very same album live right now.

Moonlight Mile. Again I got emotional. Half a year after I got Sticky Fingers I met my wife, still my wife now, she gave me the freedom to follow the Stones during all these 44 years, still counting, and I felt she was right here in this room. The musical rendering of the song was absolutely amazing, I wish they could do it more often.

As they closed the Sticky Fingers session with "Brown Sugar", my time machine trip back to my teenager days of 1971 ended quickly. Yeah Year Yeah, hands up, my mind was back in the stadium show mode, thinking about the next show in San Diego...

The rest you may read about on Internet. "Can't Turn You Loose" must be kept on the tour, for every show. It is a crowd pleaser, and I hope they will do it 15 times more on this tour!

Are they hot? Yes! Are they on? Yes! Are you going to San Diego? No? Get sorted! Get down there, it will be a mamory for lifetime. See you in San Diego on the real tour start Sunday May 24!

Tradotto con Google traslate...
Semplicemente non si può scrivere di questo spettacolo senza ottenere emotivo. Beh, almeno questo vale per me. "Sticky Fingers" è stato il mio primo album Stones ...

La gente mi chiede questo: Qual è il migliore di sempre dimostrare che hai visto con gli Stones? Voglio dire, ho visto molte volte, ma ancora, la mia risposta è sempre la stessa: non è possibile confrontare spettacoli. Come non posso paragonare i miei figli. Sono tutti unici. Certo ci sono stati alcuni spettacoli eccezionali. I miei migliori ricordi sono da Roseland, Brixton, Wichita, e un certo numero di grandi spettacoli a Hartford, MSG e Buenos Aires. Ma ancora ... A partire da oggi, è tutto chiaro. Il mio migliore Rolling Stones spettacolo mai finora è stato al Teatro Fonda di Los Angeles California 20 maggio 2015.

Hanno iniziato con "Start Me Up", come uno spettacolo normale. Tranne Keith è venuto a piedi sul palco, Pierre legato la sua chitarra, il resto della band è arrivata, e ci siamo "Start Me Up". Ero nella parte anteriore, con gli amici alla mia sinistra, e con una mezza dozzina di grandi ragazze che cercano tra i 20 sulla mia destra. Come alcuni di loro hanno lasciato prima dello spettacolo partenza, ero lassù davanti fin dall'inizio. Non sono mai stato più di 5-10 metri, vale a dire 15-30 piedi di distanza da Ronnie, Keith e Mick stasera, durante lo spettacolo. Charlie era troppo vicino, come il resto della band. Io uso gli occhiali in mostra in questi giorni, ma non stasera. Non potrei essere più vicini.

Hanno fatto "Whip" e "All Down The Line". Entrambe le grandi canzoni. Eravamo circa 700 persone tra la folla, tra cui il 100 o giù di lì in balcone celebrità, ma ho quasi voltato le spalle alla folla. La mia unica preoccupazione è il fatto che questo avrebbe dovuto essere a disposizione di più i fan, ma poi non avrebbe funzionato il modo in cui ha funzionato stasera.

Poi è il momento di ditate. L'intero album. Vivi. Questo era il mio primo album Stones. Il motivo per cui sono qui, perché sto seguendo gli Stones, perché IORR esiste. Ho ottenuto "Sticky Fingers" nel mese di agosto del 1971, e da quel giorno sono stato agganciato, Sticky Fingers e The Rolling Stones definita una gran parte della mia vita a partire da tale data. SWAY era così grande. Ed è stato così grande che è iniziato con la mia canzone preferita dell'album! Morto Flowsers era un altro favorito. Mi è piaciuto tantissimo.

Le emozioni si accesero "Wild Horses". Io non so perché, ho ottenuto "Wild Horses" tante volte dal vivo, ma il modo in cui lo hanno fatto, la piccola stanza, e le memorie dei miei giorni nel 1971, come un'età bambino 16 giocando "Sticky Fingers" ai pezzi, a casa mia i genitori, la mia prima casa, ho avuto le lacrime agli occhi, è stata una così grande versione di "Wild Horses". Il cameraman era sempre sui nostri volti, spero solo che non mi cattura in quei momenti. Ma ho amato ogni po '.

Non ho intenzione di fare una canzone per canzone qui, perché sono troppo stanco, e non mi ricordo tutti i dettagli. Ma mi ricordo i denti bianchi di Keith! Quando i suoi membri della band brillavano, Keith era tutto sorrisi, e che è la parte migliore dello spettacolo, quando vi piaccia così tanto, e si vede Keith fare lo stesso.

Matt Clifford era lì accanto a Chuck Leavelle su molte canzoni. Ha dato loro un suono più ampio e ha funzionato bene. Karl Denson ha fatto l'assolo più eccezionale su "Can not You Hear Me Knocking", mi è stato congelato guardando e ascoltando la sua interpretazione unica del posto Bobby Keys su questa canzone. Mick ha menzionato quasi avesse un tocco di jazz. Certo dit, e ha sollevato lo spettacolo ad un altro livello.

Chuck Leavelle ha fatto un ottimo assolo su "I Got The Blues". A questo punto dello show, ero ancora nella mia stanza adolescente con il mio giradischi, l'ascolto di Sticky Fingers, ed è capitato che la band che ha fatto questo album era proprio di fronte a me, sul palco, eseguendo lo stesso album in diretta.

Moonlight Mile. Ancora una volta ho avuto emotivo. Un anno e mezzo dopo che ho avuto Sticky Fingers ho conosciuto mia moglie, ancora mia moglie ora, mi ha dato la libertà di seguire gli Stones durante tutti questi 44 anni, ancora contando, e ho sentito che era proprio qui, in questa stanza. La resa musicale della canzone era assolutamente incredibile, vorrei che potessero farlo più spesso.

Mentre hanno chiuso la sessione di Sticky Fingers con "Brown Sugar", il mio viaggio macchina del tempo di nuovo ai miei giorni adolescente del 1971 si è conclusa rapidamente. Sì Anno Sì, le mani, la mia mente era di nuovo in modalità stadio spettacolo, pensando al prossimo salone di San Diego ...

Il resto si può leggere su Internet. "Non si può trasformare Loose" devono essere tenuti in tour, per ogni spettacolo. Si tratta di un pleaser folla, e spero lo faranno 15 volte di più su questo viaggio!

Sono caldo? Sì! Sono su? Sì! Hai intenzione di San Diego? No? Get ordinato! Get laggiù, sarà un mamory per tutta la vita. Ci vediamo a San Diego per l'inizio vero e proprio tour Domenica 24 maggio!

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totore ha scritto:
scelta del cavolo.
Così come quando ci fu da sostituire bill...

Almeno non li puoi accusare di incoerenza ;)

Comunque, se mi capiterà ancora di andare a un concerto degli Stones, un applauso a Karl Denson lo farò volentieri.

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Bel servizio al TG3

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...ho letto che il concerto sarà molto probabilmente rilasciato su DVD, non vedo l'ora ! Ho letto recensioni entusiastiche di questo concerto, complice anche la scaletta, ma credo che d'avvero hanno suonato bene, quindi speriamo presto di avere questo dvd.

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chiamasi invidia.

MessaggioInviato: 23 maggio 2015, 20:29
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...c'è qualcuno qui del forum che è andato al concerto ?


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